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Man, Nerd and Legend, Curious Engineer
and Proud member of the HAM community.

HAM Radio Hardware...

Icom ID-51E - Portable daily usage
Kenwood TH-D72E - Portable use with Winlink and APRS
TYT MD-390 GPS - DMR Radio
Yaesu VX-3 - Portable use during office day

Mobile Transceivers
Kenwood TM-D710E - Car mounted for APRS, X-band and Winlink usage
Icom ID-5100 - Car mounted for daily usage
Yaesu FTM-100DE - Shack mounted for use with Fusion

HF Transceivers
Kenwood TS-480SAT - Primary and house mounted radio
Yaesu FT-817ND - For portable usage, rigged in suitcase
Yaesu FT-897

Alpha Antenna - EZ-Military - For portable use with FT-897 and FT-817ND
Hari W3DZZ - Connected to TS-480
Diamond X-300N - Diamond X-30N - QTH
Sotabeams - Four-band Dipol - For use with FT-817ND
Sotabeams - 2m Moxon Beam - For use with FT-817ND
Icom AH-7000 Discone - For use with PCR2500
Mobinet NR-77B - Connected to TM-D710E and one for the ID-5100
Diamond SG7900 - Spare and for more gain, stored within the car

Power - Diamond GSV-3000
Spiderbeam - 18m fiberglass pole
Sotabeams - Compact light weight 10m 30ft mast - For use with FT-817ND
Yaesu SCU-17 - For use with FT-817ND and FT-897
SCS PTC-IIex - Packet and Pactor TNC, licenced for Pactor 3
TNC-PI - For use with FT-2900 and Raspberry for digipeating
LDG Electronic Z-817 and AT-100proII Tuner - For use with FT-817 and FT-897