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  1. About me...

    My name is Ole Jakob , I am 44 years old. Married to my beautiful wife, and together managing our 5 beautiful kids. We have 8 chickens, two cats and a dog. I have higher education within Computer Science and I am working daily as Senior Cyber Security Advisor. …

  2. Contact Info...

    The best way to contact me is by E-mail. Remove the X from the address to make it work. If you want to secure the message you could encrypt the message with PGP. …

  3. QTH...

    QTH is Hurdal, north in Akershus in Norway. It’s a small comunity with approximately 2500 citizen. Still within 25 minutes of the the main airport Oslo Lufthavn and 45 minutes of the capital Oslo with car. Fresh air, lots of nature, wildlife and silence. Maidenhead JP50MJ. …

  4. Local Repeaters...

    Name: LA9ER, Freq: 145.7375 Mhz, T: 82.5, Shift: -0.6 Mhz, Derivation: W, Note:None
    Name: LA8ER, Freq: 434.8750 Mhz, T: 82.5, Shift: -2.0 Mhz, Derivation: N, Note:Analog/C4FM
    Name: LA8CR, Freq: 145.7625 Mhz, T: 77.0, Shift: -0.6 Mhz, Derivation: W, Note:Echolink
    Name: LA8RR, Freq: 434.8250 Mhz, T: 1750, Shift: -2.0 Mhz, Derivation: W, Note: None
    Name: LA5FR, Freq: 145.7875 Mhz, T: 110.9, Shift: -0.6 Mhz, Derivation: N, Note: Analog/C4FM
    –Name: LA5YR, Freq: 434.9000 Mhz, T: 110.9, Shift: -2.0 Mhz, Derivation: N, Note: Analog/C4FM– Changed to DMR …

  5. HAM Radio Hardware...

    Icom ID-51E - Portable daily usage
    Kenwood TH-D72E - Portable use with Winlink and APRS – Sold
    TYT MD-390 GPS - DMR Radio – Sold
    Yaesu VX-3 - Portable use during office day – Sold

    Mobile Transceivers
    Kenwood TM-D710E - Car mounted for APRS, X-band and Winlink usage
    Icom ID-5100 - Car mounted for daily usage
    Yaesu FTM-100DE - Shack mounted for use with Fusion – Sold

    HF Transceivers
    Kenwood TS-480SAT - Primary and house mounted radio
    Yaesu FT-817ND - For portable usage, rigged in suitcase
    Yaesu FT-897– Sold

    Alpha Antenna - EZ-Military - For portable use with FT-897 and FT-817ND
    Hari W3DZZ - Connected to TS-480
    Diamond X-300N - Diamond X-30N - QTH
    Sotabeams - Four-band Dipol - For use with FT-817ND
    Sotabeams - 2m Moxon Beam - For use with FT-817ND– Sold
    Icom AH-7000 Discone - For use with PCR2500
    Mobinet NR-77B - Connected to TM-D710E and one for the ID-5100
    Diamond SG7900 - Spare and for more gain, stored within the car

    Power - Diamond GSV-3000
    Spiderbeam - 18m fiberglass pole
    Sotabeams - Compact light weight 10m 30ft mast - For use with FT-817ND – Sold
    Yaesu SCU-17 - For use with FT-817ND and FT-897 – Sold
    SCS PTC-IIex - Packet and Pactor TNC, licenced for Pactor 3 TNC-PI - For use with FT-2900 and Raspberry for digipeating
    LDG Electronic Z-817 and AT-100proII Tuner - For use with FT-817 and FT-897 …

  6. Other HAM related pages...

    LA8OKA - Martin Storli - Both his webpage, antenna designs and blog is worth a peak
    SOTA - Summit On The Air - SOTA encourages portable operation in mountainous areas
    SOTA - Watch - SOTA encourages portable operation in mountainous areas …

  7. ARES / NSOØ / Sambandstjenesten...

    Norwegian Radio Relay Leage (NRRL) has established emergency communication service in various districts in Norway. NSOØ are in service for amateur radio based emergency communication in the Oslo region. We are in contact with the Norwegian joint search and rescue center, local authorities, the police and other voluntary organizations, Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and Norwegian search and rescue dog association.

    NSOØ contributes with VHF/UHF/HF communication for areas without mobile phone coverage or when the GSM service is unavailable. Another important service is APRS tracking, this aid has become very popular both within the other volunteer SAR-organisations and within the professional / govermental organisations.

    In emergency situations we monitor relevant frequencies and our winlink (WL2K) account. …

  8. QSL Info...

    QSL Cards through Bureau (NRRL and LA2G) and all QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW

  9. Membership...

    NRRL - Norsk Radio Relæ Liga (Norwegian Radio Relay League)
    LA2G - Gardermoen Gruppen av NRRL - Boardmember, Repeatermanager, ARES
    LA3F - Follogruppen av NRRL - Associate member
    LA5G - Gjøvik og Totengruppa av NRRL - Associate member
    NSOØ - NRRL Sambandstjenesten Oslo og Øst - ARES for Oslo and East Norway
    LN2G - Norwegian Hammeeting (Hamfest) - Crew
    SBI - NRRL Sambandstjenesten Innlandet - ARES for Hedmark/Oppland
    ARRL - American Radio Relay League …